The College is a not-for-profit organization. The course fees are kept at a minimal amount to ensure that aspiring students can afford a theological education at the College.

For Admission, there is a one-time non-refundable application fee of $50. If you are an international student, you are required to sit for an English Proficiency Test upon admission with a payable fee of $50.

For each semester, there will be a course registration fee of $50. The tuition fees will depend on how many credits you sign up for the semester, with a fee of $40 per credit. You should not sign up for more than 20 credits per semester. The fee is $30 per credit if you are taking the course as an audit student. For each course, depending on your academic programme, you will be required to purchase textbooks for review/critique with an estimated cost of $150-$250 necessary for each semester. For students who choose to use the library, you need to pay a $50 Media/Resource fee.

All fees must be paid to the College at the beginning of each semester. If you withdraw from a course within the first three weeks, a full-refund for that particular course will be issued. Any course withdrawal after three weeks will result in the fees being forfeited without any refund. Payment must be made in Singapore dollars by cash or cheque (made payable to “Emmanuel Reformed Bible College”). The College does not accept credit card payment.

For international students, other miscellaneous fees are required for your stay in Singapore. These fees are not paid to the College. To process your Student Pass, you would need to prepare a security deposit of $1,000-$1,500 to the ICA, depending on your nationality. This deposit is refundable upon the termination of your student pass at the completion of your programme. You are also required to go for a health screening at a local clinic approved by the authority, which will cost around $120. There is a one-time student pass application fee of $30 and the issuance fee of $60. Your student pass is renewal annually. Each renewal will cost $30.

The monthly cost of living in Singapore will comprise accommodation, food and transportation. The rental rate for a single room is $500-$800. You may want to consider sharing the room with another person to reduce the cost. For food, you will need at least $10 per day for two meals. If you do not stay within walking distance from the College premises, transportation will cost around $100-$150 per month. You may also want to set aside $200 for other miscellaneous fees such as mobile phone subscription, internet, etc. and ensure that you have medical insurance coverage, as medical services are costly for non-citizens.



Application Fee


English Proficiency Test Fee

For International Students only





Course Registration Fee


Media/Resource Fee


Tuition Fees ($40 per credit)

< $800







Security Deposit (refundable)


Health Screening


Student Pass Application Fee


Student Pass Issuance Fee


Student Pass Renewal (annual)





Renting a Single Room (monthly)


Food (monthly)


Transportation (monthly)


Miscellaneous (monthly)



Note: All the amounts are quoted in Singapore dollars. For Student Pass, you may want to refer to the ICA for the most updated fees (