In 2007, a pastoral fraternal was started to provide the means of fellowship and mutual encouragement among like-minded B-P pastors and elders on a monthly basis. It also provides a platform to collaborate and to build up greater ties among the like-minded churches. One of the concerns raised was the lack of Reformed-based colleges and seminaries in this part of the world where we can send our pastoral candidates to be trained and equipped for the work of the Gospel.

On 30 September 2008, representatives of a group of like-minded churches met to address this concern. The imperative to provide theological education to our people was felt by all. Emmanuel Reformed Bible Lectures was started under the auspices of Life Bible-Presbyterian Church for this cause.

With the help of various pastors, Emmanuel Reformed Bible Lectures started offering night lectures to the people from July 2009. These lectures were well-received and the people thirsted for the Word of God. As a result, Emmanuel Reformed Bible Lectures started offering both day and night lectures from July 2013. The desire to have a proper Bible college to train and equip people in the Word of God into the full-time ministry did not diminish. Eventually, in August 2016, Emmanuel Reformed Bible College was approved by the relevant authorities and was established as a full-fledged Bible College.

The College is the result of the collaborative efforts of like-minded Bible-Presbyterian churches, with Life Bible-Presbyterian Church taking the lead role. The College is also affiliated with Calvary Bible-Presbyterian Church, Maranatha Bible-Presbyterian Church and Sharon Bible-Presbyterian Church. 

The College is registered to operate at Calvary Bible-Presbyterian Church at 1 Tao Ching Road, Singapore 618720, after being granted the approval from the Board of Elders of Calvary Bible-Presbyterian Church.