The approach we take to fulfil the vision and mission of the college is two-fold: the teaching of the Word of God and the training of the students for the pastoral/full-time ministry. The foundation of our teaching is based wholly on the Word of God, as expressed in the Reformed Faith and systematically explained in the Westminster Confession of Faith. We hold on strongly to the Word of God as inerrant and infallible, and as our final authority in faith and life. Hence, in our teaching, the primary focus and foundation will be based on the Word of God, using the Authorised King James Version as the Bible in English. At the same time, we see our college in training and equipping the students for the pastoral/full-time ministry, and not as theologians. Hence, part of the curriculum would involve practical theology and mentorship, where the students are expected to learn more about the ministry by serving in churches and being understudy of senior pastors.