Academic Calendar: The academic calendar for the academic years for 2017-2019 is as follows:




Semester 1

Course Registration

6 Jan

5 Jan

4 Jan

Term 1 (8 wks)

9 Jan

8 Jan

7 Jan

Term Break (2 wks)

6 Mar

5 Mar

4 Mar

Term 2 (8 wks)

20 Mar

19 Mar

18 Mar

Semester Break (8 wks)

15 May

14 May

13 May

Semester 2

Course Registration

7 Jul

6 Jul

5 Jul

Term 3 (8 wks)

10 Jul

9 Jul

8 Jul

Term Break (2 wks)

4 Sep

3 Sep

2 Sep

Term 4 (8 wks)

18 Sep

17 Sep

16 Sep

Semester Break (8 wks)

13 Nov

12 Nov

11 Nov

Note: The dates in the table signify the starting date of each period, which begins on Monday (except for Course Registration which is on a Friday).

The academic calendar begins in January. Each academic year is divided into two semesters of 18 weeks each. Each semester is divided into two terms of 8 weeks each, with a two-week break in between the two terms. Course Registration is held on the Friday before the beginning of each semester. Students are to submit the selection of their courses pending the approval of the Academic Dean. Exams will be held on the last week of each semester (for semester-modules) or on the last week of term (for term-modules). Special week-long seminars will be conducted by invited professors at the last week of June.

Academic Load: The curriculum for the academic programmes is designed to provide a balance of biblical studies, theological studies and pastoral/ministry training to equip the students. The curriculum comprises core subjects in Old Testament / New Testament studies, Christian Education, Church History, Theology and Pastoral Theology. The study of Biblical Languages is required for degree programmes. Students are expected to enrol for an average of 16 credits per semester in order to complete the requirement of the course. Students who wish to enrol for more than 16 credits per semester must seek the approval of the Academic Dean.

Courses that will be offered in Semester 2 (Jul-Nov) 2017





The Old Testament Poetic Books

Rev Charles Seet


0900 - 1100


Rev Isaac Ong


0900 - 1100

Church History II: Reformation – Modern

Rev Dr Jack Sin


1130 – 1330

The Principles and Methods of Teaching

Rev. Isaac Ong


1130 - 1330

The Books of I & II Kings

William Yap


0900 - 1100

 Anthropology & Soteriology

Rev Dr Jack Sin


0900 - 1100

Introduction to the New Testament

Rev Ho Chee Lai


0900 - 1100

Basic Biblical Greek II

Rev Ho Chee Lai

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

1130 - 1230